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Tac - HYOH - Slimjim Panel AK

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Slimjim AK Panel (Closed Bottom)

Sometimes you need your system to be low profile with minimal imprint for the job at hand.  The Slimjim elastic based system is super comfortable to wear long hours with no pinch points or shoulder pain.  The elastic straps on the shoulders and waist move with you, especially while driving or sitting for long periods of time.

  • Hand made right here at HYOH headquarters!
  • Elastic based triple AK magazine panel.
  • Slimjim AK has removeable buckles, including the top ones so that you can flip it upside down and extract your mags from the bottom.
  • Holds your mags super snug but easily accessible
  • Lightweight
  • Slim design allows for low printing
  • Compatible with several micro rig shoulder straps

Waist, shoulder strap and panels sold separately.

**Current lead time is 3 business days for Slimjim AK panels to ship